Torpedo Nozzles TPx25 Series

TP x25 series torpedo nozzles features a large diameter straight injection channel and reduced overall dimensions. The straight and free injection channel enable really low pressure losses and easy color and material change. The reduced overall dimensions make these nozzles suitable also when size matter.

Cross Section Drawing

Sizes and Flow Rate

Main Features

  • The heating through heating coil allows maximum power in minimum space.
  • The angled pin allows an easy colour and material change and extremely low pressure losses
  • The straight and free channel allows to fill up even complex mould cavities with balanced and uniform flows of material, concurring to obtain products with smaller inner tensions and top quality.
  • The great material flow capacity makes them general purpose and allows extremely small injection points.

Download Catalogo

Cat-tpx25TPx25 series general catalog. Sizes and housing drawings

Download Brochure


TPx25 Series Brochure. Cross section drawing, sizes and flow rate diagram.