Pony Shut off Nozzles

The shut off nozzle Pony provides innovative technical solutions for designers, mold manufacturers and end users. Small and compact, it can be easily adapted to virtually any mold, even with several injection points. The result is greater design freedom, simple installation and maximum efficiency in the molding stage of production.

Cross Section Drawing

Sizes and Flow Rate

Main features

  • Pony straight symmetrical channel makes it possible to fill even the most complicated mold cavities with an even and uniform flow of material, resulting in products with lower internal tension and higher quality.
  • The absence of stagnation within the injection channel is an advantage not only when changing clean to shine color, but also when starting up production
  • The off-center location of the piston, while remaining within the nozzle itself, makes it possible to reduce overall dimensions and facilitates assembly.

How it Works

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