Plast 2015 – New Applications

Nel sito di PLAST 2015 sono pubblicate le modalità di accesso al quartiere fieristico. In particolare, si sottolinea il possibile accesso gratuito, riservato agli operatori di settore – che non siano espositori, co-espositori, agenti o dipendenti di case rappresentate da espositori – purché la preregistrazione avvenga nel periodo previsto, dal 30.1.2015 fino al 15.3.2015.

At the next fair Plast 2015 Guzzini Engineering SRL (Stand B51 H24) will present many technological innovations.

First, we will present the new injection line “Micro EasyBalance LSR“.

These small dimensions pneumatic injection lines are suitable for the molding of liquid silicone rubber (LSR) articles of weight not exceeding 5 grams.

 In addition to having all the features of EasyBalance LSR, The Micro lines are characterized by:

  • Pneumatic operation
  • Compact size and therefore ability to be installed on a multi-cavity mold.
  • Suitable for both simple molding of LSR and for LSR over molding of thermoplastic parts (Example small seals)

Indeed at Plast we will overmold with LSR a thermoplastic coaster. This to make it anti-slip.

In addition to this will present the technology of ‘IMD (In Mold Decoration) of liquid silicone rubber(LSR)

In practice, in the LSR mold, we will insert a label bearing a graphic before inserting the thermoplastic part to be overmolded. This label is printed with specially engineered ink that, once molded, will become a unique part of the molded article and will decorate it.

This technology opens up endless possibilities for LSR molding. Indeed IMD, like what already happens for Thermoplastic, allows to decorate the molded part  with any graphics / colors / label.

Finally, we present a new Micro Pump for Dosing and mixing of LSR that, contrary to all the others on the market, is fed with 320ml LSR cartridges.

This LSR 320ml Micro Pump will be sold in combination with the micro lines. This will allow those who need to mold a few grams LSR part to avoid the purchase of a standard pump (Much more expensive and cumbersome) but above all, to avoid buying 20 + 20 Kg LSR kit (the minimum possible with the standard pumps) that, with very limited consumption, would lead to the risk of not being able to use it before the expiring of its pot life.