EasyMix LSR Metering & Mixing Device

Volumetric metering & mixing device for liquid silicone rubber processing for 20l or 200l drums.

EasyMix lsr metering & mixing device feature gear volumetric pumps with inverter that guarantee a highly precise and constant mixing ratio without pulsation.

Main Features

  • Gear volumetric pumps with inverter
  • Continuous flow of material without pulsation with a higly precise and there is a difference constant mixing ratio
  • Low energy consumption
  • Simultaneous emptying of drums thanks to a compensating procedure with linear transducer (Max remaining material <1%)
  • Disposable static mixer system – costs cut and ease replacement
  • Up to 5 color or additive feeding lines
  • Volumetric color dosing system for a precise and uniform distribution.
  • Operating parameters can be set and checked through an easy to use 8 inches portable touch screen
  • Quick change material drums system without air entrapment risk
  • Extremely compact

Control User Interface

Device and Color Feeding Line

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